Everyone wants to do something, but few know where to start. Volunteering is easy at DFC. Whether you can serve for 30 minutes a week or 30 hours a week, there is something for you! Just simply review these opportunities and sign up at the bottom of this page. Then, a lead team member will contact you with additional information. Here are our current opportunities!


Team Leader Rose Schleifer

 Preschool Teachers

Teach our preschoolers with provided Orange Curriculum.

Preschool Helpers

Assist our teachers with check in/check out, one on one care for our preschoolers, light cleaning, etc.

DFC Kids Teachers

Teach our children Kindergarten through 5th grade with provided Orange Curriculum.

DFC Kids Helpers

Assist our teachers with crafts, skits, co-teaching, light cleaning, etc.

Jr. Youth Helpers

Assist our Jr. Youth leader(s) with teaching, skits, one on one mentorship, weekly follow up, etc.

Sr. Youth Helpers

Assist our Sr. Youth leader(s) with teaching, skits, one on one mentorship, weekly follow up, etc.


Team Leader Michael Farish

 Stage Hand

Assist and troubleshoot media during service. Move microphones and stands, change batteries, etc.

Stage Manager

Manage service schedules to maintain timing and rhythm with worship team, speakers, announcers, testimonials, etc.

Scenic Designer

Create sermon based décor for each sermon.

Scenic Carpenter

Build props needed for the sermon décor.

Video Producer

Edit and upload all recorded media to the internet via all social avenues.

Media Content Tech

Manage media content for each service. i.e. run Pro-Presenter and Keynote.

Camera Tech

Run the camera during services with focus on center stage. i.e. worship team, speakers, announcers, testimonials, etc.

Broadcast Manager

Maintain quality of broadcast feed. i.e. camera angles and media slides, and also report to the video producer.

Front of House Audio Tech

Manage audio in the sanctuary for the entire service including worship team, speakers, announcers, testimonials, etc.

Lighting Tech

Manage sanctuary lighting for services and special events.

Facilities & Services

Team Leader Levi Brown

 Ushers & Greeters

Provide exceptional hospitality to the DFC family during services.


Assist in the care of our building. Replace lightbulbs, make minor repairs, and coordinate other building projects.


Assist in the maintenance and continual improvement of flowerbeds, fountains, trees, etc.


Team Leader Cindi Fortin

 Altar Ministry

Assist the minister during alter ministry. Pray with new Christians, gather alter response cards, and follow up after the service to encourage their walk with the Lord.

Front Desk

Assist at the Information Center during Sunday services. Collect Connection Cards after services, present newcomer gifts, and provide general information to guests.

Meet & Greet Luncheons

Assist in a quarterly luncheon for newcomers at DFC. Help with preparing meals, serving and clean up.

Next Step Program

Encourage guests and members to take next steps in their walk with God. i.e. attend the newcomer lunch, become a member, get baptized, join a life group, volunteer in a ministry team, etc.


Team Leader Rose Scheifer


Cover the Information Center up to 4 hours daily, 4 days a week. Answer phones, pray with callers, some data entry, sign for package deliveries, etc. Multiple volunteers welcomed. 4 hour shifts preferred.

Editing & Publication

Write, format, and print the Destiny Times. Update graphics and overall layout periodically.

Life & Care

Team Leader Lola Widener

 The Shield

Shield Member – Commit to attend and participate in one prayer gathering (minimum) per month. Unlimited volunteers welcomed.

Shield Member – Commit to pray individually for prayer requests submitted to the church. Unlimited volunteers welcomed.

Life Groups

Study Groups – Sermon based, curriculum, or book based groups.

Hosts and Facilitators needed.

Special Interest Groups – Sports, recovery, discipleship, etc.

Hosts and Facilitators needed.

DFC Member Compassion

Director of Member Compassion – Oversee compassion needs for DFC guests and members.

Coordinator of Visitation – Provide individual visitation for DFC guests and members.

Coordinator of Meals – Coordinate to provide meals for DFC guests and members during times of need.

Visitation Volunteer – Show a smiling face and give encouragement and prayer to guests and members during times of need. During hospitalization, the loss of a family member, other tragedy, etc. Unlimited volunteers welcomed.

Meals Volunteer – Prepare and deliver meals to guest and members during times of need. During hospitalization, the loss of a family member, other tragedy, etc. Unlimited volunteers welcomed.

DFC Community Compassion

Community Compassion Volunteer – Assist in the planning, preparation and execution of our community compassion outreaches. Unlimited volunteers welcomed.

Biblical Guidance

Note: Experience in lay counseling is needed. Must be willing to take additional training classes.

Minister of Spiritual Strengthening.

Minister of Premarital Counseling.

Sign Up

To sign up now and for other questions about serving at DFC please email Cindy Fortin.

Email Cindy Fortin